Join us for our 2021 ACA Fun Day!

ACA Fun Day at Six Flags is back! ACA is excited to invite each of you and up to three guests for a thrilling day at Six Flags Over Georgia. Below you’ll find all the information you and your guests will need to get ready for this fun filled day.

Important Details

  • All Atlanta associates are welcome to attend and bring up to three guests of your choosing.
    • Children age two (2) and under are admitted free of charge and will not count toward your total of three free guests. 
  • Tickets are non-transferable between associates. That means that if you don’t use all three of your guest tickets, you cannot give them to another associate to use.
  • If you’d like to bring more than three guests, no problem! Additional tickets can be purchased for $47.99 each, using a payroll deduction.
    • If you prefer to not use a payroll deduction, tickets can be purchased at the general admission gate for a cost of $71.99. Please note that general admission tickets do NOT include the buffet lunch.
  • Admission to additional shows for Fright Fest are available for purchase at the front gate.
  • Parking passes and additional event details will be handed out as the event date gets closer.

Before the Event

  • Choose up to three guests and ask them to save the date!
  • Register the names of you and your guests prior to the deadline of September 17th.
  • Get with your team to coordinate carpooling or ride share, if desired.

At the Door

  • Locate the ACA tent at the main entrance and stop in with your guests.
  • Show your government issued ID (please do not bring your ACA ID to the event) to the ACA volunteer to pick-up your tickets between 11:30pm – 1:30 pm.
  • Each ACA associate must pick-up their own allotted tickets. It is not permitted to pick up tickets on behalf of anyone else.

During the Event

  • Enjoy the park from 11:30pm – 1:30pm.
  • Wear your ACA Fun Day shirt.
  • Join us at the designated pavilion for a buffet lunch at 1:00pm.
  • Lunch is open from 1:00pm – 2:00pm.
  • Go back into the park until 12:00am.
  • Reminder: Fright Fest is going on at Six Flags during this time and Ghouls and Ghosts come out at dark.


Registrations are closed