American Credit Acceptance, part of the Johnson Group, stands in solidarity with those who face racism and social injustice. We strive to fulfill our potential every day by acting in accordance with our Guiding Principles, the core of which are trusting, respecting, and valuing others. We are committed to living out these values of integrity, partnership, and humility without any room for hatred, injustice, prejudice, or other dehumanizing behaviors.

Therefore, our pledge is simple: We aim to conduct business in an ethical manner while treating everyone with mutual respect. We recognize the need to acknowledge, learn, and grow from our mistakes. We strive to continuously improve and embrace the change that is needed within our communities and nation.

It has been our mission over the years to help our associates realize their full potential. We encourage our associates to reflect, share, listen, and learn. We believe in amplifying diverse perspectives – of race, ethnicity, gender, and background. Every story, every experience, every idea leads us to be better.

To all of our associates, customers and dealer partners: Know that we stand in solidarity with those whose voices have not been heard, who are fearful, who are angry, and who choose to exercise their right to protest peacefully. We hear you, we respect you, and we stand by you.

We as a society must do better, and we pledge to do our part in combatting all forms of hatred, disrespect, and bigotry. We have the responsibility to create the change we wish to see. We must be bold and speak up in the face of injustices. We have far greater potential as a nation, and each of us plays an important role.”

The Team at American Credit Acceptance