ACA has launched a new digital feature – MoBills! Read our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Mobile wallet is an app that comes pre-installed on most smartphones. It is the digital equivalent of a physical wallet where you can store, organize and access payment and non-payment items. As an ACA customer, you can use it to store your bill (if you have a mobile wallet compatible with moBills, such as iOS or Android).

From your compatible mobile device, tap the ‘Add to Wallet’ (for iOS) or ‘Google Pay’ (for Android) buttons above. Enter your ACA account number and zip code and click ‘Submit’ to be taken to the enrollment page. A mobile pass will display. Tap ‘Add’ (for iOS) or ‘Save’ (for Android) to add the ACA pass to your mobile wallet. You can then open your wallet to see your bill.

Sign up by tapping the Add to Wallet or Google Pay button from your compatible mobile device. You will be asked to enter your account number and zip code to arrive at the enrollment page. Then when the mobile pass is displayed, tap “Add” (if on iPhone) or “Save” (if on Android) to add the pass to your mobile wallet. You can then open your wallet to see your bill.

After you add the ACA pass to your mobile wallet using the instructions listed above, your bill will be delivered into your smartphone’s mobile wallet through your Apple Wallet (iOS devices) or Google Pay (Android devices). From there, you can view your bill and click on a link to quickly pay your bill. Your bill will be delivered based on the payment frequency listed in your contract.

Like any app, preferences for notifications can be managed and set-up within your smartphone Settings. You can also manage notifications within your mobile wallet by clicking ‘Manage Notifications’. If you choose to enable notifications for the ACA pass in your mobile wallet, you will receive notifications regarding updates to your wallet.

For iOS devices, notifications will pop up on your phone regardless of whether you are in your mobile wallet app or not. For Android devices, notifications will be posted in your wallet, but will not pop up on your phone. You will need to access your wallet to see them.

When you click ‘Make a Payment’ you are redirected to the Speedpay payment page. Once the payment is entered, it is saved to the database and processed. Any payment received before 8:00pm EST will be applied to your ACA account on that day (excluding weekends and holidays). Any payment received after 8:00pm EST will be applied to your ACA account on the following business day (excluding weekends and holidays).

If you make your payment using a different payment method (such as mailing in a check), the payment will reflect in your wallet after it is received and processed by ACA.

Receiving billing information from ACA within the mobile wallet is voluntary. You can unenroll at any time. To unenroll:

  • For iOS users, you will click the red text within the mobile wallet that indicates ‘Remove Pass’.
  • For Android users, you will click the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner of the pass and then click ‘Remove’.

If you are inactive and do not use your ACA pass in the mobile wallet for three (3) consecutive months, you will automatically be unenrolled and will no longer have access to make payments from the mobile wallet. If you wish to reactivate your ACA pass in the mobile wallet, you will have to start over with the enrollment process.

Yes, you will continue to receive a paper statement, in addition to having access to your bill in the mobile wallet.

In addition, your billing statement will continue to be available within ACA’s Online Customer Portal.

If there are any changes to the moBills feature, we will post updated FAQs that can be accessed through the mobile wallet.